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Where can we see the M108?

Please visit us at the Lift Expo in Vancouver, January 13-14. We’ll also be at Cannacon in Seattle, February 15-17.

What is the price of the M108?

MAP pricing is $27,000 USD and $28,500 CAD. Please contact us via the contact form for more information on dealer and LP pricing.

When can I place a pre-order?

We’ll be accepting pre-orders on January 30. If you’d like to be notified when pre-ordering details are available, please let us know via the contact form.

When will production be at full capacity?

Our production line will be at full capacity in May, 2018. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait until then before you get your M108, it just means we won’t be cranking them out at full-speed until that point, so there may be some delays.

When can we see video of it working?

We’ll be posting video and lots of other content of the Mobius Trimmer M108 in action over the coming weeks and months.

Is it loud?

Yes. It’s loud.

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Cannabis Industry News – Our Top 5 Must-Read Sources

2018 - March - 21

There is a lot of news and info out there about the cannabis industry, and new sites and sources seem to be popping up almost weekly. To help you cut through the clutter, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 cannabis industry news sources. Each one offers something a bit different, so we’d recommend at least a weekly visit to each of them. Presented in no particular order.

  1. Business News Network – While not specifically a cannabis-industry source, they provide more and better coverage of the industry than just about anyone. Not only that, much of their coverage includes interviews and videos. Their content is from a business-perspective (of course), and does tend to focus on Canadian companies, but that’s because they’re the biggest players in the game. Check out their Marijuana News page to stay up-to-date.

  2. Marijuana Business Daily – (AKA MJBizDaily) Marijuana Business Daily provides a good, focused look at not only the business, but also cannabis policy and political news from around the world. They are a news aggregator, so often gathering stories from external sources, but they do write their own deep coverage of important issues. A recent example was their province-by-province series looking at the policy rollouts here in Canada, and great coverage of the recent changes in California.

  3. The Cannabist – It’s for all things cannabis, not just for news. Their news section is great though. They mix in the more entertaining/less informative stories with the hard coverage, which is great for a lunch-break read (ex: Grandparents caught in Nebraska with 30lbs of pot gummies in the car). They’re located in Denver, so carry a lot of Colorado-centric stories, but they still have coverage from around the US and Canada.

  4. Marijuana.com – From the folks behind Weedmaps, Marijuana.com provides more feature writing than many of the other sites, thanks to scribes Monteray Bud and Duke London. Their coverage volume is lower than most on this list, with maybe 3-4 exclusive pieces per week, but the quality is very good.

  5. Lift – Lift is known for their strain reviews, but the news section on Lift’s site is getting better and better. They have a substantial list of contributors, including many that hold full-time positions at major players in the cannabis industry. They don’t aggregate stories from other sites, which is refreshing. Since they’re a Canadian company, much of the content is Canadian-focused, but so are we, so we’re okay with that.

 It’s our experience that no single news source in the cannabis industry provides complete coverage, but add these five sites to your bookmarks and you’ll have what you need to stay ahead of the pack… and own the conversation when cannabiz comes up at your next dinner party.



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