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Where can we see the M108?

Please visit us at the Lift Expo in Vancouver, January 13-14. We’ll also be at Cannacon in Seattle, February 15-17.

What is the price of the M108?

MAP pricing is $27,000 USD and $28,500 CAD. Please contact us via the contact form for more information on dealer and LP pricing.

When can I place a pre-order?

We’ll be accepting pre-orders on January 30. If you’d like to be notified when pre-ordering details are available, please let us know via the contact form.

When will production be at full capacity?

Our production line will be at full capacity in May, 2018. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait until then before you get your M108, it just means we won’t be cranking them out at full-speed until that point, so there may be some delays.

When can we see video of it working?

We’ll be posting video and lots of other content of the Mobius Trimmer M108 in action over the coming weeks and months.

Is it loud?

Yes. It’s loud.


The Mobius Trimmer: Not JUST for the Big LPs!

People that follow technology trends in the cannabis industry know that the M108 is used by some of the largest LPs in Canada. It’s allowed them to speed up, streamline, and smooth out the trimming bottleneck. What most people don’t realize, however, is that our LP partners range in size from the smallest to the largest (in terms of production volume). Whether or not you have aspirations for growth, if you’re a smaller LP there is a strong business case for implementing the Mobius Trimmer M108 in your operation. Here are a few reasons why.



            One of the greatest advantages large-scale LPs have over their smaller competitors is that they (typically) have lower costs of production, so they have the ability to offer their products at a lower price. It’s true that people are willing to pay more for a product that is considered premium. However, there are limits. Think about it in terms of craft beer. If you go to a bar and look at the beer menu, you might see Molson Canadian for $6. A local craft beer might go for $8, and many people are willing to pay that price. That equation changes if the craft beer is $10 or more. People pay more for perceived quality, but the pricing has to be in the same ballpark. The same is true for cannabis. By adopting the M108 into their processes, small LPs are able to reduce their production costs by drastically reducing labour costs. Their products may still cost more than their larger competitors, but they can get within striking distance.



            What does hand-crafted mean? It means attention is paid to the details. It means that shortcuts aren’t taken when it reduces quality. It means stringent end-product requirements. What it doesn’t mean is that your product is hand-trimmed. You can create a brand that’s built around hand-crafted cannabis, and still use a Mobius Trimmer. A good example is one of our current partners that describes their products in these kinds of terms. For their trimming process, that means that they run their product through an M108 for a rough trim, then do final inspection and tightening up by hand. They still pay attention to the details, and still produce an exceptional-quality product, but they get the pricing benefits of an initial quick-pass through the M108. The reality is that as cannabis prices drop (and they will, it’s inevitable, read more about it in the Harvest Report), hand-trimming will no longer be a viable option for LPs that would like to stay in business.



            Yes, you read that right. In terms of processing volume, KG per KG the M108 is significantly cheaper than any of our competitors. To equal the processing power of the M108, you’ll need to buy multiple units of the next closest machine, buy external separators, buy rail systems, and then constantly clean or replace hoses… Not to mention that you’d then be cleaning multiple machines instead of one. If you’d like to see an apples-to-apples cost comparison, please let us know. We’d be happy to share with you.


Some of our smaller partners opt for a single M108 unit with input hopper and output shoot, while our very large partners use multiple lines of 2 x M108s in tandem, with conveyors. Regardless of production volume, we are seeing the business case for the M108 proving itself in facilities ranging from small to very large, and we love playing a key part in their success!







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