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Where can we see the M108?

Please visit us at the Lift Expo in Vancouver, January 13-14. We’ll also be at Cannacon in Seattle, February 15-17.

What is the price of the M108?

MAP pricing is $27,000 USD and $28,500 CAD. Please contact us via the contact form for more information on dealer and LP pricing.

When can I place a pre-order?

We’ll be accepting pre-orders on January 30. If you’d like to be notified when pre-ordering details are available, please let us know via the contact form.

When will production be at full capacity?

Our production line will be at full capacity in May, 2018. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait until then before you get your M108, it just means we won’t be cranking them out at full-speed until that point, so there may be some delays.

When can we see video of it working?

We’ll be posting video and lots of other content of the Mobius Trimmer M108 in action over the coming weeks and months.

Is it loud?

Yes. It’s loud.



2019 - May - 6

Due to popular (and sometimes very, very enthusiastic) demand, we are excited to announce our all-new Mobius Blade Rack System. These three racks will help make TRANSPORT, STORAGE, and most importantly CLEANING, a whole lot easier. Let’s take a look.


Dimensions: L35.8” x W12.5” x H4.3”bladerack-1

I know that we’re not supposed to have a favourite child, but I really do love the Bed Knife Rack. As we all know, the bed knives and spacer bars need some tender loving care and are not built to be thrown about or stacked willy-nilly in the trim room. The Bed Knife Rack is stackable and can store three bed knives and three spacer bars safely upside down, or you can lay three blade-up to spend time cleaning even the stickiest of residue.


Dimensions: L37.2” x W12.5” x H4.0”


Runner up to being my favourite child is the Helical Blade Rack. This multi-purpose beauty is built to help make cleaning the blade an absolute breeze. Plus, to help save time on a hot swap, this rack can also house three full TriFlex blade cartridges — the helical blade, spacer bar and bed knife.



Dimensions: L24.42” x W12.5” X H4.3”


Last, but certainly not least, is our Helical Blade Support Rack. This little guy is built to help you meticulously clean each of the bearing ends on the helical blades.


Each rack was specifically designed to fit in the Mobius Soak 'n' Store tubs and to TRANSPORT, STORE, and most importantly CLEAN, your Mobius blades properly — fitting seamlessly into your existing GMP-certified workflow. If you’d like to add the Mobius Rack System to your trim room, contact us today!




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